Free SEO Tools

At ChainsawDR we get the opportunity to both use existing tools across the industry and develop our own set of tools. You will find below some of the free tools which we consider to be the best for boosting your SEO & PPC campaigns. We only ask that if you enhance any of the tools that were developed by ChainsawDR, that you send onto us a copy so that we can share this with the rest of the community and together we can continue to help make things easier for fellow professionals.

Fantastic free tool for monitoring web pages for changes in content.

Fantastic version control system. Primarily used for Web Development, it has many uses for controlling and keeping backups of files used across teams and locations.

Niel Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel
Hands down one of the best tools in the SEO Professionals toolkit. Don’t leave home without it.

Combination Generator
An Excel spreadsheet which generates all potential combinations of multiple keywords. Worth it’s weight in gold for setting up large exact-match PPC campaigns or for seeing potential URL combinations for faceted navigation sites.

MajesticSEO crawl the internet in a similar way to Search Engines and report on which websites link to other websites. Their free account provides useful insights for SEO’s working on a limited or no budget.