SEO Solutions

Our expert team of SEO consultants work with you to identify the SEO problems facing your website and provide solutions. As our client you will receive tailored services based on your exact requirements, in addition to a detailed technical audit of your sites performance upon instruction. Our technical audits focus on three key and common areas of opportunity:

orphan links and redirects

Using a combination of proprietary systems developed by the ChainsawDR development team and industry data sources, our consultants identify on-site & inbound links from other websites which are not being utilised correctly for optimum SEO performance, such as:

  • Broken Links
  • Potentially punishable paid links
  • Links which go via multiple redirects
  • Links with incorrect redirect http status codes
  • Links which redirect to irrelevant pages
  • By resolving these errors our clients receive an instant boost by recouping the lost equity that already exists in their website. Depending upon each client’s requirements we can either:

  • Provide your teams with prioritised lists of URL’s experiencing issues and their details
  • Provide specific instructions on which URL’s have issues and where each URL should be redirected to
  • After receiving your redirect configuration files our expert technical teams can update the files on your behalf to resolve all of the issues. After fully testing the file in a non-production environment, our team would then hand back the updated files to your development team for implementation.
  • Site Speed Analysis

    Site Speed Analysis

    It makes logical sense that a fast loading website is good for users, but there have been many well known studies by major brands such as Amazon, Yahoo, ShopZilla which shows the dramatic impact site speed can have on revenue and conversion. As far back as 2006 Amazon released findings that they increased revenue by 1% for each 100 millisecond improvement in site speed.

    Understandably Search Engines include site speed in their algorithms, so improving the speed of your website can boost both your site traffic and conversion rate. ChainsawDR’s expert team of technical specialists will analyse the performance of your key pages and provide your development teams with detailed recommendations for improvement, such as:

  • Effectively utilising browser or CDN caching
  • Combining and minifying CSS & JavaScript files
  • Prioritising visible above the fold content
  • Identifying page templates with high server response times
  • Reducing image sizes through compression and optimisation
  • Log File Analysis

    Log File Analysis

    Our experienced team of technical SEO experts are able to spot the majority of issues by simply navigating and eyeballing your website. However to ensure any deep rooted issues are uncovered we are able, if provided by your development team, to analyse the log files of your servers.

    Log File analysis allows us to isolate requests from search engine crawlers such as Googlebot. By focusing on which pages are requested by crawlers, our teams can identify which pages and templates on your site are being crawled most often, and which are being neglected. Log File analysis can often uncover structural issues caused by in-effective internal linking structures. The ChainsawDR team feedback on:

  • Issues being faced by crawlers navigating your website
  • Analysis of which pages & page templates are being crawled most often
  • GAP analysis of how users and search engines crawl your website differently
  • Prioritised recommendations of all technical issues uncovered
  • Changes to crawler behaviour following website releases